Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business

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This book is in english.

Debra lost her sisters and her parents when she was 5 years old. This is a book about Debra trying to find someone and somewhere to belong while risking her life on her quest to refind her family. After 19 years in the Korean Mafia and a few more years in the Afghan mountains as a soldier, where she met a merc. platoon – Dave, Goldie and Psycho, she moved to Santa Monica and 14 days later her sister Lenora did the same. What are the odds for that to happen?

In Angola, Dave and his mercs were known as the Undertakers.

They started out early the next morning to find Angelica. The hunt started in London but ended up in Albania where they eradicated half the Albanian mafia to find Angel. Child molesters and traffickers ended their miserable careers simply because they stood in the way of two very determined women, who wouldn’t stop for anything to reunite the family.

30.000 paedophiles, child molesters and traffickers all over the world were detained by the police when the Trinity Sisters found each other.

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